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Hello Racquetballers,

I've answered many questions this past year and over the next few newsletters I will be sprinkling some of the more interesting Qs and As for your reading enjoyment.

This actual question comes to me in many forms...I got the permission of the questioner to use his exact words...so here we go:

I have recently been using the tip on drilling days, and a friend of mine and I are using it together. I am playing in a big tournament February 23rd. I entered in C, a big mistake, there are 27 people in that division. My ranking is 3400 so I am a high C. I recently played in a tournament against a 14 year old who is being coached every week, so that was a disaster. question is: I am also playing in over 55, there was no over 60 division. Everyone in that division is A, elite, or open. So I know I cant win. What do you think my goal should be? To  make 5 points, to try and win one game, to try and make one game close, or what? I am not delusional, just wanting your opinion. Thanks.

Here is my opinion on the matter:

In both divisions I would concentrate on something that would improve your future tournament play...don't worry so much about the score.  I would keep track of two key statistics...the number of aces you hit in your games....and the number of aces served against you.

You will have an opportunity for an ace or to block an ace (if you're receiving) every serve.  This will keep you concentrating the entire match....score won't matter...so you won't stop playing if you did pick 5 points and got there early in the game...you'd have nothing else to achieve in your mind.

I would have a friend keep track outside the court so you know the number of your aces and the number of aces served against you.  I would count an ace as an unreturned serve....however, I would not count opponent skips in there as they got to the ball and I wouldn't count mis-hit errors.

This strategy will make you play hard every point the entire match and should improve your level of play.

Remember the old statistic, off the cuff as my memory is fading, but 26% of points are scored on the serve....23% are won on the return...together that's just about 50% of the entire game.

My last point about tournament play....make it fun any way you can and don't get discouraged.

Good luck!!


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