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RacquetWorld's Newsletter Racquetball Tip of the Month


The Jolly Green Giant’s Revenge


What better day than St. Patrick’s Day for the Jolly Green Giant (JGG) to receive tips that should help him against the Man in Red this coming Christmas Season.


If you remember the key strategy Santa used against our big long armed friend was to keep the JGG jammed.  (Santa vs JGG) This turned the JGG’s great coverage of the court against him.  By bringing his long arms in, his power and reach advantages were neutralized.  Long arms aren't as quick trying to maneuver around a big body and the JGG was essentially tied up.


How can the JGG avoid Santa’s jam strategy?  The key to the jam strategy is knowing where the opponent is so that the hitting player can precisely angle off the side wall into his opponent’s body.  The JGG must go into a stealth like mode so that his opponent doesn't know his exact location.  I've written an article call “The Shadow” that describes how to achieve “court stealth”.


The JGG should also try and avoid the same shot / coverage movement patterns.  For instance, many times even without seeing my opponent with my eyes, I know that when he hits a certain shot, he will always move in this direction or to this spot.  The JGG should think about his predictability because you know Santa is thinking about it to hit that perfect jam.


Lastly, the JGG should (and all you Rballers) should grab a 4 leaf clover and throw it in their shorts pocket…because a little luck on the court can change a match.


Happy 2008 St. Patrick’s Day to all you big guys who have complained since Christmas about getting jammed!!

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