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Free Racquetball in 2009


The call comes in every day…Pat/Shane/Dianne/Donnie/Brandon, can I have something free. It’s tough to stay profitable in this type of economy by giving away free stuff. So I took up the challenge to see how I could get “Free” racquetball equipment in 2009. Please remember to kickback to your favorite racquetball store with any savings you receive from these tips.

I thought about this challenge for 20 minutes…you can picture me just sitting here thinking…I first figured that if I saved you money from one source that you hadn’t thought of yourself…it would be the same as free money to your racquetball budget. I made a list of phone calls and starting dialing. Here are the results…

I called my cable TV provider. I cancelled the Tennis Channel because they no longer broadcast the US Open Racquetball Event anymore. I also nixed two movie channels I never really watched anyway. You know the ones you flip through late at night and hope you’re not embarrassed in mixed company. Not only did I reduce my channel changing anxiety, my savings was $17.55 a month or $210.60 a year. 

That’s a free racquet right there. But that was way too simple. I kept dialing to see how much I could really “convert” to your racquetball budget.

I called my cell company next. They have free bill analysis that looks at your usage. I’m so afraid of going over my minutes I end up over paying almost every month. They let me reduce my plan minutes and save $20 a month (no new contract). I’m only allotting $15 because I will go over once or twice…but will still be way ahead at year end. There’s another $180 per year saved. 

Next I talked to Dianne. As my significant other, I asked her if instead of having date night on Friday, if we could make it Thursday. Thursday is way less crowded and you get better service. Plus all the fresh stuff is delivered on Thursday for the weekend…at least that’s how I explained it to her. She’ll realize as she reads this it was really because all the local restaurant coupons are only good Sunday – Thursday. In addition, with work looming over us on Friday morning, we each cut back by at least one alcoholic drink too. I save about $20 per dinner a week or $80 a month or $960 a year. Just so you all realize right now, this article just cost me about $960 because there is no way Thursday stands as date night after you-know-who reads this.

Obviously, times are tough. I feel much safer with an alarm system at my house. While this does cost money, its something I pay regardless. However, I called my homeowner insurance and they knocked 15% off my homeowner policy or $86.25 for the year due to the alarm. I don’t have a car alarm but there would be possible savings on car insurance also when an alarm is present. The insurance company also knocked 5% off my business insurance due to the alarm there also…but I’m not counting business savings here since many of you wouldn’t qualify for that…but for those of you who do…HUGE savings.

Lastly, I setup my life on auto pay. Cable, Power, Mortgage, 2 Credit Cards, 2 Store Credit Cards, 2 Charities, Cell Phone, Car Insurance, 2 Car payments, plus 2 others. Look at all the stamps I just saved. $6.72 a month or $80.64 a year.

Total time invested: 90 minutes. New Racquetball Budget for 2009: $1517.49

Wow, your new budget will cover any 2 racquets you want, any pair of sneakers, any bag, new eyeguards, a case of racquetball balls, cool Racquetworld clothing and a full year club membership. 

As an added bonus, use loyalty code: FREE ME to be added to our March FREE racquet drawings. Any order over $25 with this code qualifies. First winner announced St Patrick Day…2nd winner announced March 31st. Now aren’t you glad you read these articles to the end?!?!

I know you guys…before you chuck this article to the back of your mind saying you’ll get to it…make the calls…it’s easy money.

When times are tough…Racquetball makes you lean and mean…Racquetworld.com helps you stay on the court!!