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Too Much Christmas, Too Little Time

The loss in the recent Ho-Off did more damage to Santa than the Giant had realized. Mrs. Clause had warned him about overseeing the coal collection the last few seasons. Santa hadn't listened and realized during the Ho-Off that his lungs may have been affected by all that coal dust. He made a mental note for the children on the naughty list cusp to cut them some slack in an effort to lesson future coal demand. His lowered lung capacity put yet another dent in his confidence.

Letters for Santa flooded the North Pole (North Pole, Canada H0H 0H0 – there's still time). In this year's tough economy it seems like he received almost double his normal mail. Even with Santa's speed reading course, this meant very late nights.  He could feel the strain on his eyes...maybe it was time for new reading glasses. The stress of a few toy recalls, the possibility of no snow in New England for Christmas, and the threat of losing a major sponsor for the big tournament all weighed heavy on Santa's mind.

With so much on his plate (both figuratively and literally), Santa called the racquetball tournament committee together and requested, for the first time in modern North Pole history, the event be moved to after Christmas instead of the traditional day before Christmas Eve. The only person that protested of course was Baby New Year 2011 who obviously knew any delay was the kiss of death for his chances. In the end the committee agreed to Dec 29th as the rescheduled tournament date.

Upon hearing the change of date, the Jolly Green Giant knew that Santa's confidence was crumbling. Santa was not prepared at all for this event and this delay was just the nail in the coffin. The JGG was well trained and knew that this small delay would not affect his optimal performance. He had planned to peak this week but could easily adjust for a few days delay. He simply made a slight adjustment to his training schedule to be on the court for a couple hours a day along with resuming some cardio and weight training. He would delay loading up on carbs but would find time to relax and do some mental imagery of his serves. 

The JGG even volunteered to help rehab the court. New lights were installed. Camera angles were checked. Glass walls were wiped down. The floor was damp mopped to remove all the tracked dirt from the reindeer hoofs. And finally, the Racquetworld.com banners were hung with care in anticipation of St. Nick soon being there. With the Giants help, what usually took the short elves a week was done in two days...not a single ladder was needed

Santa's plan was different. He put off thinking about the tournament.  He concentrated on the task at hand and that task would take him to 822 homes a second covering about 650 miles per second.  At least that's what the scientist told him...he just knew he had a job to do. Each year the sleigh was set to auto pilot based on the packing of Santa's toy bag. Santa had been doing this trip for so long it was becoming second nature really.  It was almost time to go...the stress was melting away. He really looked forward to the milk and cookies, the mince pies and all the other snacks. Just before takeoff two thoughts briefly crossed his mind...would he have time to digest all this food before the event? And secondly, why on earth was Ireland moved to be the last delivery of the night?

We here at Racquetworld.com still have a job to do ...thus the shorter version of this newsletter and the "delay" in the match. Sometimes I feel like Santa above. I just want to kick the can down the road until next week...when I went to my newsletter committee they said no way...so I kept it short and sweet...hey at least you'll all get your Racquetworld gifts on time and isn't that the most important thing!

Merry Christmas to All...and to All a Good Night!


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