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JGG Pulls a Farve

The Jolly Green Giant (JGG) returned home to his corn patch in Ohio after his defeat in the historic 2010 North Pole Shootout.  Second place in such a prestigious event along with a 10 year Naughty List exemption would have made lesser giants extremely proud.  But not this oversized garden elf, he was stewing.  (get it...vegetables stewing...)  Although he had planned, win or lose, to retire to the age divisions, his ego would not let him suffer that fate.  On one extremely hot sunny day he was goaded by mere children who initially got his attention by simply refusing to eat their vegetables. 

One young man questioned, "Why should I have to eat vegetables?  All you eat is vegetables and you couldn't even beat a much older, white haired, bearded man on a racquetball court who eats nothing but cookies all the time.  I'd rather eat cookies and be a winner."  He turned to his comrades and said "I saw the match on YouTube."

In his chlorophyll induced rage, he swore to the children that he would defeat the Great Clause and prove to them that proper nutrition would be the key to his and their successful lifelong pursuits.

After that summer day, the JGG once again sat down to make one last game plan to defeat Santa.  He surmised that by revolving around good nutrition, cross training, court training and a couple tricks here and there he could take the title back to the vegetable garden.   He would also hire a coach to inspire him and keep him on track to meet his lofty goal.

In the back of his mind he was quietly building his confidence up.  After facing a tough defeat, he knew he would have to believe wholeheartedly in his ability to beat Santa when match time arrived. The children had given him the first tidbits to this buildup.  Santa was much older and he ate poorly.  As the JGG started his mental comparison scorecard he checked off two boxes on his side and tucked it back away.

The JGG realized that world class athletes try and tailor their training to "peek" at the right time.  With this in mind he started his cardio training at the end of the harvest season in September. This gave him just over three months to prepare. He hit the courts for drills at about the same time.  But never ending drills can be boring so he lined up some play dates with Little Green Sprout and Scarecrow.  The JGG ate better than most. He would increase his calorie intake to compensate for his longer workouts but wouldn't really change any of his normal eating habit until one week before the weeklong event.

Most of the JGG training session and all of his on-court session were conducting in secret.  He knew that Santa's helpers were everywhere and would report back to the fat man.  He was hoping to catch Santa  napping.   As far as Santa was concerned the JGG was retired and thus done.  The Giant was banking on Santa being over-confident, unprepared, and fueled by Mrs. Clause's sugar cookies in a weak tournament draw year.

One week before the tournament was to start the JGG showed up at the North Pole.  He portrayed himself to everyone as a mere spectator.  However, he was prepared.  He really came in early to acclimate himself to the surroundings and more specifically the courts.  In the mean time he has a little mental work to do.  It was time to knock Santa down a peg.  He challenged Santa to a Ho-Off.  Nobody had ever come into Santa's backyard and so brazenly made a challenge to what the whole world considered to be one of Santa's claim-to-fame.

Santa is forced to admit a minor defeat...The JGG is in Santa's head now...small doubts can give rise to major failures... the stage is beginning to be set...

An extended note...

The most baffling thing to me this year is that I woke up recently and once again Christmas is upon us...it's like 2011 just evaporated and we went right from January 2011 to December 2011 with nothing in between.   It seems like I just finished distributing my 2010 Christmas presents (because I did really...sorry Joe but you were missing most of the year) and now I have to figure out new gifts for all those impossible friends and family all over again.  Life would be so simple if all my friends and family just played racquetball...

For those of you keeping track at home this is Racquetworld.com's 15th Christmas.  Thanks for all your continued support once again... it is much appreciated!

Have a Happy, Safe, and Merry Christmas!

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