Doubles - Hinders and Court Position continued

Follow Up Questions:

I do not disagree with what you said except for the fact that the guy backing into me is backing into me on purpose.  If I do not move and my partner does hit a pinch, the server will go for it while this guy will still run into me.  Does that change anything? Intent?  He means to block me from getting to the next shot by restricting my movement.  He will move in front of me no matter what.

Pat's Follow Up Answer:

As for the exact rules on this situation....he can move and take up any spot you don't occupy....and that could mean 1 inch away from you....but he must give you an unimpeded path to the ball once it becomes your shot...that means if he's 1 inch from you backing you into a corner...on purpose....the second it becomes your shot and he is not completely out of your way I would call an Avoidable hinder and you would get the long as you could have gotten to the ball to retrieve the shot.

The other thing is...don't back up...step forward...if you get to a spot first and he backs up into had the spot...if he continually does this...even if the ball is away from you guys, I would call this an avoidable hinder or unsportsmanlike behavior.

Try doing the exact same thing to him when your partner is serving and see what he says.

All these rules aren't going to help you if you don't have a ref....and I know you're most likely all friends...but get this e-mail out and talk about it and make sure everyone agrees on the exact rules...that way you'll also have to agree when they are being broken.

Good Luck

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